Version 1.5.3 has been released. Please click the “Updates” tab to see what’s new

Send unlimited emails 100% to inbox!

Email Business Manager is the ultimate Email Marketing Software that can send emails 100% in inbox!

With Email Business Manager, you can send unlimited e-mails, extract unlimited emails from different sources, and more.

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Version 1.5.3


  • Fixed the huge amount of RAM consumption while extracting from very large number of files, email messages, keywords or websites. Now, it should not use more than 2GB of RAM, not matter the quantity of data processed.
  • When extracting, from any source, EBM will not retain email addresses in RAM upon the end of extraction, instead it will save the emails on the go. This way, you will see the some of the saved email addresses faster and you can see when they are added.
  • When extracting from “Local Files” We have added the ability to select “Any” for File Extension. This way, you can extract from all files in a folder, regardless of its extension or if it has an extension or not. It is very useful when you need to extract emails from Linux files or from files with unknown extension, or from multiple file extensions at once (txt + csv + log + html + …etc.).
  • We have improved the extraction speed with up to 60% in most cases.



  • We added a rule, where, if the same SMTP Server is detected in two or more successive messages, there will be a 2 seconds delay between those messages. We added this rule, as we received reports from users that when they use private SMTP, the high speed of sending, might trigger the server’s Firewall and some of the messages are not being sent.
  • We inserted a new rule on “Start/Resume Sending”, where, after sending has been completed, it will check if all the messages were sent. If there are still messages in the que, the software will retry to send those emails. This rule applies 5 times only. If after 5th retry, the emails are still in the que, the software will give-up and you will need to use “Start/Resume Sending” again next day, as you might have reached the sending limits for those SMTP Servers.



  • We have added about 200 new rules for filtering your emails lists. Now, up to 40% of more invalid email addresses from your lists, will be cleaned.

What can you do with Email Business Manager?

  • Extract Emails from Google Search
  • Extract Emails from any website you want
  • Extract Emails from Facebook
  • Extract Emails from any mailbox you own
  • Extract emails from files from your computer
  • You can send unlimited emails 100% inbox
  • You can use your own SMTP
  • You can use free SMTP like gmail and Yahoo
  • You can clean your email lists
  • You can join multiple lists into one
  • You can split one file to multiple lists
  • You can compare emails list
  • … and more.