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Email Business Manager

Send unlimited emails 100% to inbox!

Email Business Manager is the ultimate Email Marketing Software that can send emails 100% in inbox!

With Email Business Manager, you can send unlimited e-mails, extract unlimited emails from different sources, and more.

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At the moment, you are running Email Business Manager version 1.5 which contains all the below functions

What can you do with Email Business Manager?

  • Extract Emails from Google Search
  • Extract Emails from any website you want
  • Extract Emails from Facebook
  • Extract Emails from any mailbox you own
  • Extract emails from files from your computer
  • You can send unlimited emails 100% inbox
  • You can use your own SMTP
  • You can use free SMTP like gmail and Yahoo
  • You can clean your email lists
  • You can join multiple lists into one
  • You can split one file to multiple lists
  • You can compare emails list
  • … and more.

Facebook Business Manager

Convert 50 times more Facebook users to customers

Facebook Business Manager is the software that will increase your Facebook Marketing at a level you never expected! It will automatically do everything you need and things you couldn’t do until now.

If you want to convert 15 times more Facebook users into customers, Facebook Business manager is the only solution

01 Intro Facebook Business Manager

02 Extracting Facebook Business Manager

03 Posting Facebook Business Manager

04 Contacting Facebook Business Manager

05 Connecting Facebook Business Manager

At the moment, you are running Facebook Business Manager version 1.7 which contains all the below functions

What can you do with Facebook Business Manager?

  • Extract IDs of unlimited pages
  • Extract IDs of unlimited Groups
  • Extract all the profiles who like your pages
  • Extract all the profiles from your pages conversations
  • Extract all the profiles from your private conversations
  • Extract profiles searching by keywords
  • Extract all of your friends profiles
  • Extract the friends of any Facebook users
  • Extract Pages by searching keywords
  • Extract information about pages
  • Extract Groups by searching keywords
  • Extract all the groups where you are a member
  • Extract Events using keywords
  • Extract Unlimited Phone numbers
  • Extract Unlimited Email addresses
  • Extract Unlimited Websites
  • Contact Unlimited number of Facebook users
  • Contact Unlimited number of Page Owners
  • Send unlimited friend requests
  • Join to unlimited Groups
  • Invite unlimited friends to like your pages
  • Post Unlimited images and messages to any Pages
  • Post Unlimited images and messages to any groups
  • Post Unlimited messages and images to your wall